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Don’t Let Something Stop You From Reaching Your Goal

Goal setting can be hard to figure out, be realistic and don’t stop reaching until you get to the end!


June month came with a few setbacks when it came to reaching my goal of getting out for my runs, but that didn’t stop me. I mean, I say it all the time… excuses make excuses. However, I have been dealing with a few issues with my hip and realized I needed to step back from my running a little and lower the intensity of my workouts.

Finally, I am back into my running routine. I have a super cool and convenient training schedule created to help keep me on track! With anything I do, I always have to have a plan. If I am not planned or prepped I get overwhelmed and quite often I don’t follow through. So I’m grateful for the notes app on my phone… and the alarm to remind me when it’s time to go! If I don’t prioritize my workouts or run, they simply don’t get done! #truthbomb

I have two to three days a week set aside for strength training and I have two to three days a week set for running days. As I get closer to race day, I will be focusing on my running. After doing a ton of research, rest days are just as important as strength training days! When I ran my first race {Northern Warrior Race} a few years ago, it didn’t do a combo of both. I focused solely on running… turns out I needed my strength just as much as I did my endurance.

Today, I went for a long-distance run. It felt SO good to be back on the pavement! The sun was beaming {of course I dressed too warm}. I was trying to map out a 7KM, but it was the only 6.4KM. I am trying to find new routes too, so I don’t get bored when hitting the pavement. If I get bored, I lose all motivation… anyone feel me? Bored is the first thing to throw me a curveball!

I track my runs with my Fitbit, and I love how it vibrates at each KM marker, which reminds me to check my pace so I keep up! When I run semi-steady I try and focus on a range of about.30″ – .40″ to keep me focused!

One of my most favourite parts about running is that it allows me to clear my head, focus on the moment, my breath, soak up the fresh air and GO!

Here’s to hoping I can follow through this month… reach some goals AND hustle hard!!

Thumbs UP!


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