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Sweet Apple Muffins

When you make apples into a glaze to make a great oatmeal topper or better yet, make a muffin! Be sure to try these Sweet Apple Muffins for breakfast or a snack.

Ever have apples about to go bad like you have bananas? YES! And I mean Fall, is the season of apples. The smell of an apple glaze simmering on the stove… gosh, it just makes me smile!


I’ve been buying large bags of apples because they are much cheaper than buying them individually by the pound.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, as they say. I add apples to a lot of things like SALAD {you’d swear I eat salads every day, but I don’t. Ok… ok… I do eat them a lot}. But, apples bring such a nice crisp and sweet taste with a crunchy texture to a salad!

I hate throwing away anything, especially food #notwasteful

I had four large Granny Smith Apples looking me in the eye saying, you better eat me today or I am gone tomorrow. I ate one and well… like my style, created a recipe with the others.

I wanted MUFFINS… I wanted to make a sweet muffin.

So, the experiment went DOWN.

I first started by making a glaze {I guess you’d call it that?}.

I quickly found out that this glaze makes an amazing oatmeal topper as well… OH, YES!

The muffins turned out SO good! Even better than I thought!

This recipe is broken down into two parts. First, I start with the glaze and then the muffin recipe. Take note, when you make the glaze it needs to be cooled before you add it tot he muffin mix to prevent cooking the dough before it hits the oven heat. 

Also, you want to make sure not to over mix the ingredients in here to avoid having a dry muffin. Nobody likes that, haha! 


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