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You Can Skip The Gym

You can skip the gym, and opt for home workouts. Here’s how home workouts make it easy for a hustling wife to stay fit and still have fun!

Working out at home has so many awesome perks, which is why I’ve decided to skip the gym. I mean, who doesn’t love that no one is judging your hot mess, including the sleep in your eyes {wake up and workout girlfriend}, messy hair, and a tired look {energize me} … HOLLA!

THIS is me… I am a busy wifey on a mission to stay fit and healthy, with no one to impress but my husband… hot mess express, CHECK! 

I have a huge library of online workouts to choose from and they all range from cardio, yoga, to strength training, to HIIT. All I have to do is show up and hit play – EASY! It really is that easy!

Many of the online workout programs I do, don’t require that much room. I’ll take that, especially when travelling {hotel room workouts YES}.

I always create a little workout schedule which includes what time I plan on doing my workout. Having a schedule helps me stay on track, but also helps hold me accountable! And don’t forget to create or find your favourite Spotify playlist!

BUT – Confession… I always thought that weights were the only way to build and strengthen. I use to hate resistance bands, and NOW, I love them! They have helped me strengthen my lower body and tone! Especially my booty! Who would’ve thought that a little freaking weightless band, would have such a major impact on results… NOT me, hahaha! Resistance bands are light and easy to take when travelling, a huge bonus.

I LOVE weights too. But, I love trying new things. I love being challenged and I love that not every workout requires weights. My weights range from 8lbs to 30lbs, depending on the day and workout, depends on how heavy I am lifting. Obviously, leg day is different from arm day!

So, if I had to choose between a fitness facility or home gym, I’d pick my home gym. Why? Because of my first statement, no judging zone.

Another reason, my home gym is always open, never closed. I don’t need to drive to get there {especially during the cold winter months} and I don’t need to wait on equipment {get in and get it done}. A great way to refuel after a good workout is with a pineapple smoothie… yum!

Everyone is different. Maybe large fitness facilities that are busy, motivate you more than waking up and getting it done at home! 

This information is not to be taken as medical, nutritional, certified or professional advice. This information provided here is what works for Heather Barrett. Please see FAQ for a full disclaimer.

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