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second trimester

I cannot believe that the second trimester is over and we’re now in our Third Trimester. Where does the time go?

Leg Cramps

The second trimester started out amazing. Energy levels were up, I was finally sleeping better and things were fabulous. I never felt better.

At about 23 weeks, my legs and hips started to ache. I started having muscle spasms in the middle of the night which lead to insomnia because I was afraid to go to sleep and wake with a spasm.  

I thought maybe I was overdoing it, exercising too much, so I took about 10 days off from running and working out, but nothing changed.

So, I continued with my exercise after talking to my doctor. She mentioned that these aches and pains often come with pregnancy.

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Are any mommas reading this go through a similar experience? How did you cope?

I started going for prenatal massages, bouncing on my exercise ball, increasing my electrolytes, keeping my feet up more, etc. with hopes to help prevent the muscle spasms.  

All in all, things are about the same. My doctor did say that if I wasn’t as active as I am, the pain would likely be worse.

Sweet Tooth

While I never really struggled with having a sweet tooth that I couldn’t control, it seems during the second trimester I was craving everything sweet. Cupcakes, cakes, ice cream, pastries, donuts, etc. Seriously, I was like a madwoman some days trying to get my fix. Hubby I’m sure didn’t mind the evening ice cream runs, haha.

As someone who mentors others on their health and wellness journey, I often got the “sweets are my weakness like I need sweets every single day…”, and I never really understood how they actually felt until I experienced it for myself.

Yikes, trying to maintain a healthy diet while experiencing the mad sweet craving is something I can’t describe. It was hard… but, I focus on maintaining my 80/20 balance on my meal plan, while still treating myself to my sweet treat using portion control like never before. Did you know you can ask for kids sized portions for yourself? I’m sure you did, that’s what I do. It was just enough to satisfy my craving.

There are ways around everything, it’s a matter of putting your mind to it and focusing on the end result. I know how important it is to maintain a healthy diet during my pregnancy to prevent things like Gestational Diabetes and overall, have a healthy pregnancy.


My hormones have changed so much during the second trimester. From someone who is always cold to someone who can all of a sudden experience a hot flash like never before. Let me tell you, it has been an experience, haha.

There have been times where my husband has found it cold, and I have found it perfectly conformable. This is so odd and so not the normal with me. If anyone is to be complaining about the cold, it’s me.

Crying, I’ve cried over not remembering what I’ve gone into the kitchen to make or get. I’ve cried over not being able to find fresh peaches in the grocery store. I’ve cried over a lot of things during the past couple of months.

All in all

All in all, I wouldn’t change any of these experiences for one thing. I am so excited to meet our little girlie and show her how to be the best version of herself. Time is going by so fast, it is time to start preparing for her arrival. I am hoping to share her nursery with you all on here once we get it complete.

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