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Crock-Pot Beef Stew

The season for using my crock-pot the most has always been winter. In the winter, I crave warm dishes like soup, beef stew, and pasta. All things warm, filling and satisfying.

I am definitely going to start making more crock-pot recipes. I LOVE how convenient and quick it is to get a meal on the table. 

How about beef stew. Actually, this is moose stew. But, you could use regular beef. 


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I love and crave hot dishes during the winter months, especially snowy wintery days. Also, the smell of something cooking in the crockpot is so heavenly!

I serve this beef stew with either a side salad, home-made pastry or dinner rolls.

I personally love this particular crock-pot you see linked above, as it has more settings such as roast, bake, brown, sauté, and of course, slow cook. During the summer months when we head to the lake I take it with us. We are often busy down there, so it is great to just throw something in it in the morning and return to a cooked meal.

One of my most favoured parts about the crock-pot is how tender the meat is once it is cooked. I also enjoy making shredded chicken or pork, for sandwiches or wraps!

Meal prep is huge for me, and where I can save time is always a bonus. Doing meats in bulk is great to prepare for the week ahead or even make up a veggie soup as a side dish throughout the week.

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